April 30, 2022 (12:00PM-3:00PM)

Spring Festival

Deadline to register: March 03, 2023

All students capable of memorizing two pieces are invited to participate in the Spring Festival. Students are rated solely on the quality of their presentation, not competitively on their level of advancement.

TIME: Sunday, March 26th from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

PLACE: Germantown Settlement Music School

If you have any questions, please email Yi Cao and Jennifer Juang at:

Please check the website for the latest updates.


  1. Each student is required to play 2 contrasting pieces by memory. On the intermediate level or above, pieces must be by composers from different style periods. Pieces must be played in their original form, not simplified, arranged or shortened. Repeats should not be taken except for a Da Capo to end the piece in the tonic or if the piece is a minute or less in length. Students must provide their music in PDF format for the judge to use . performers who do not have their music ready will be heard by the judge but will only receive an “Honorable Mention.” Ensemble entrants must also play two pieces, but they are not required to be memorized. Concerto entrants will play only one movement of a standard concerto from memory. All students will have the option of taking an easy theory test. Tests will be graded but will not affect the performance rating. Guidelines for the appropriate theory level for each student may be found on the PMTA (state) website under DSPF Forms.
  2. Teachers must be a member of PhMTA as of December 15th, 2022. Teachers are required to be available and assiston the day of the Festival, or pay a $100 substitution fee.
  3. Registration fee per entrant: $40, $30 per ensemblist. If students enter two categories (i.e. solo and ensemble), they should pay two separate entrance fees.
  4. The student is responsible for providing an authorized copy of the music for the judge the day of the festival.


No new registrations will be accepted after this date.


A. Go to:

B. Complete and submit one registration form for each student. Please time pieces accurately in minutes and seconds. The age of the student is their age on the Festival date. Failure to list the participant’s theory level in the online registration form will result in the student

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