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Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

The initials “NCTM” stand for “Nationally Certified Teacher of Music.” MTNA is striving to motivate teachers to become certified.

For information or advice:

Please contact Dr. Joann Marie Kirchner, PhMTA Chapter Chair, or the Music Teachers National organization at the 800 number listed in American Music Teachers magazine.

The New Face of MTNA Certification

Effective January 1, 2010 MTNA has launched a new process for certification.

The new process consists of five projects:

Project #1: Write your teaching philosophy

Project #2: Analyzing four teaching pieces

  • Give the historic background of each piece
  • Provide a theory analysis of each piece
  • Provide a teaching approach for each piece

Project #3: Present Your Teaching

  • Video record three lesson segments with the same student
  • Play and video record 5 to 10 minutes of yourself performing (these pieces do not have to be memorized)
  • List materials used in the lesson
  • Write a self-evaluation of each recorded lesson segment
  • Discuss how you adapt the lessons to meet the student’s learning modality
  • Provide your goals for the student
  • Show how you assess the outcomes of your teaching

Project #4: Share Information About Your Teaching Environment

  • Describe how you would foster a teaching environment that promoted learning in your studio
  • Provide documentation
  • List and describe how you use at least three resources in your studio or classroom

Project #5: Discuss Your Studio Policies and Business Ethics

  • Describe how you would ethically deal with three scenarios involving students, colleagues and parents
  • Document your professional, financial and business policies

Additional Information

Information may also be obtained at MTNACertification.orgg and click on the right hand side bar “New Certification Process,” or by contacting the PA

Certification Chair: Joann Marie Kirchner, Ph.D., NCTM


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